Applying lean to the Sales & Marketing functions: Sales Process Optimisation

Applying lean to the Sales & Marketing functions: Sales Process Optimisation (SPO)

Sales people are employed to sell

Sales Process OptimisationIt does not matter how good your operation is or how clever your design, without orders your business will die. Orders are the output of the sales process. The sales process transforms prospects into orders.

If the sales process is optimised, it will be efficient, effective and create value for your customers and your business. If not, it will destroy value

Our Approach

We integrate tools and techniques from the lean tool-kit with proven sales methods to optimise the sales process and drive sustainable increases in sales performance and profitability for your business.
By improving the efficiency of your company’s sales processes, we enable the sales and customer facing teams to reduce waste and duplication and free up much needed customer contact time in the sales cycle creating greater customer value.

We do not just talk. Our team are practical, hands on practitioners, and will be prepared to support you through the implementation phase, by doing as well as advising.

We can tailor our offer to the size and complexity of your business and results count: We stand by our recommendations, and therefore would be pleased to discuss results driven pricing for major projects, with the majority of our fee being covered from savings made by you the client.

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