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Let me share my passion for your success

Richard Shaw Business LeaderRichard Shaw: Senior Executive Leader with over 30 years experience in Aerospace, Defence and High Technology Business.

My drive is to help ambitious and forward thinking Businesses to achieve visionary growth plans. Through improving efficiency and creating innovative strategy, I will ensure your business has the tools to execute a dynamic vision for the future.

What people say about Richard Shaw in business

Richard Shaw Aerostrat“…his ability to apply Six Sigma tools and techniques to commercial marketing is brilliant. This mixed with his excellent business knowledge across all areas has been a great help in what we needed to achieve…. He is a true professional with high integrity and trust.”

“… has great drive for long range vision and will also quickly find tactical solutions if needed. He is respected for his behaviours and principles and he is someone who I personally value his opinion as it is always an opinion worth having.”

“…is strategic in approach and exceptional at building long term customer relationships. This allows him to develop key accounts to maturity thus maximising the financial return for the business. He builds effective teams and empowers them to deliver against stretched targets.”

“He demonstrated impressive expertise and insights into the industry, helping our clients  to navigate the complexities of engine parts manufacture, sourcing and contracting among the major engine OEMs.”

“Richard is a very thorough and capable Commercial Director. He is able to transfer Engineering requirements into competitive commercial agreements that benefit both parties. Richard also benefits from an in depth knowledge of the Sales process enabling him to see opportunities to improve quickly”

“Richard worked with me during a period of significant change and restructuring and successfully rebuilt and reorganised the sales function. I found him to be extremely professional and hard working, with excellent knowledge in his area of expertise.”

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