3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping

Gearbox scan and alignment

We provide Engineering & design services to enable out of production parts or new designs to be manufactured using established in 3D Scanning & Printing techniques. Aerospace Manufacturing Strategy & Support Ltd (Aerostrat) is a shareholder and partner with TCMUK-3D Ltd through whom these services are delivered.

Engineering prototypes can be quickly manufactured in a wide range of plastics using our in house FDM 3D printers or via 3rd Party outsourced partner services.

Scanning is accomplished using in house white light scanner which gives excellent results in most cases. If necessary we can source complimentary services through ourĀ  extensive network of partners.

Engineering Prototypes

3d printingFrom your CAD model we can quickly develop a file for printing your design in 3D. This can be either full size or scaled as necessary. Typically we can process a model from your design within 48 hours and depending on the size and shape required prototypes can be put into work within hours. For more information please drop us at a line at either info@aerostrat.co.uk or rgshaw@tcmuk-3d.co.uk


3DPrinter Spare Parts

quality 3d printer spares forLooking for spare parts for your 3D printer? Then you are in the wrong place. Visit our partner TCMUK-3D for quality spare parts for your E3D, Prusa i3 or related 3D printer. www.tcmuk-3d.co.uk