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Industry Knowledge to Marketing Theory: Application and Benefits

Aerostrat specialises in applying industry knowledge to marketing theory. Bringing the worlds of the SME manufacturer together with up to date marketing and sales techniques and influences to generate effective and efficient lean marketing plans to fuel sales growth on a budget.

Many companies view marketing as a nice to have function that they would have if they had the time, money or expertise to do so. As discussed in our blog, we view it as the life blood of a competitive, ambitious company. It drives growth and it critical to ongoing success, but can only succeed when applying industry knowledge to marketing theory.

A common problem faced by sales and marketing functions is getting buy in from the wider organisation who do not view marketing as an essential function. The expertise of Aerostrat  means that we can make the communication of the sale and marketing plan relevant across functions and businesses. This helps ensure the whole business is aligned and is driving in the same direction - forwards!

Industry Knowledge to Marketing Theory

Aerostrat uses all elements of commercial strategy, extensive analysis, evaluation and training to deliver a tailored lean marketing offering for your business. This is built firmly on a foundation of understanding of the manufacturing industry in the UK, its culture, pressures and constraints which makes it more relevant and effective for companies in this sphere. Many consultancy services offer a general marketing service, Aerostrat's manufacturing industry knowledge ensures that the advice given to companies is right for them and their business.


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