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What makes the West Midlands one of the top places to buy a business?

Where to buy a business

What makes the West Midlands one of the top places to buy a business? recently cited the West Midlands as one of the most desirable locations in the UK to buy a business, we’ve been espousing the strengths of the West Midlands for a long time, so is the rest of the UK and the wider world finally waking up to what we Midlanders already knew? If you’re not sold yet, here are a few reasons why it is a great place to invest.



Infrastructure and Geography

The burgeoning infrastructure of the region has to be one of the best reasons the Midlands is a great place to buy a business. Not only are businesses here in the “middle” (surprise, surprise) of the country, making it easy to reach logistically from most locations in the UK by road, but Birmingham at the heart of the region is also home to the 7th busiest airport and the 8th busiest train station in the UK. This means that goods, services and people can access the Midlands easily and millions do every year making the Midlands the bustling beating heart of the UK for trade geographically.

Based on this, it’s no surprise that the region is heavily investing in infrastructure, with the impressive new renovation of Birmingham New Street Station, the local railway networks and continuous investment in the road network (£1.8bn to be invested by 2021). Ultimately this means investing in the West Midlands is investing in a region strongly connected to the wider country and the wider world, and a region dedicated to staying this way.

Investment, external and internal

The West Midlands isn’t just investing in infrastructure, it’s also investing in businesses, skills and manufacturing capability. You only have to sign up to the West Midlands Business News Desk to be met on a weekly and sometimes daily basis with a barrage of news about companies who are investing. This investment in furthering capabilities allows the region to stay competitive and is no doubt one of the reasons that it continues to attract a large proportion of the foreign investment that comes to the UK. When choosing where to buy a business, the West Midlands is a safe place to invest as it is a region that believes in and invests in itself.

Skill base

The West Midlands is a hub of expertise across many skill bases. It’s not only the manufacturing heartland of the country, but also the second largest services (law, accountancy, agency) skill base after London, and the region is dedicated to closing the gap with the capital. It’s no surprise for those of us familiar with the 12 excellent universities in the region and the high calibre apprenticeship schemes available for young people in the West Midlands. With all the talent you could wish for, and more affordable property prices than the capital I know where I would invest my money.

Why do you think the West Midlands makes the Top 3 of desirable places to invest in the UK? Have we missed anything? Let us know!

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