Lean Marketing Diagnostic Service

Lean Marketing Diagnostic Service

Q: Why do it?

A: The Lean Marketing Diagnostic service is designed to assist you in prioritising Commercial process improvement activities

Q:What do we do?

A: Together, we complete a Lean Marketing Diagnostic questionnaire which covers 6 broad areas of Sales & Marketing

  1. Overall commercial strategy
  2. Sales excellence/process
  3. Pricing for success
  4. Market understanding
  5. Customer insight
  6. Communication and promotion
Lean Marketing DiagnosticQ: How is this done?

A: Together we complete a spreadsheet with a number of questions and assess how well we are doing, the relevance and impact of each point for our business.

Q: What is the result?

A: The output is a graphical representation of the relative “health” of each of the core activities this together with a written report of the activities will form the basis of your Lean Marketing Diagnostic action plan.

Q: How much of my time will be needed?

A: Typically you should allow  a day to undertake a detailed question & answer session, during which we will explore all aspects of the business. This should be with the management team currently charged with running and growing the business.Lean Marketing output

Q: How much will it cost?

A:  You can download free and complete the diagnostic yourself, just visit our download centre . Alternatively, if you feel that this is an area where you would be more comfortable having independent support we have various pricing plans available, including some very special discounts for SMEs within the West Midlands

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