Lead Generation, Qualification & Validataion

Lead Generation, Qualification & Validation

Lead QualificationSales – the conversion of prospects into orders, which eventually bring cash into your business, along with a little profit.

Perversely, many companies see the sales team as an expense and seek to minimize it – even when times are hard.

So it is absolutely essential that the Sales resource is effective and efficient and delivers tangible results.

Effective Lead generation is an essential part of ensuring that your sales team uses its time efficiently and effectively.

At Aerostrat we have recognised that effective Lead Generation is not something that many companies have the resources to carry out themselves. Often a company will leave it to the Sales people, but while they are sifting through a huge list of names, they are not out selling.

We offer two levels of Lead Qualification:

Lead Qualification Level 1:

Having first agreed a search criteria (eg Industry, Business size, location) for the targets, we will obtain a list of names and companies to be contacted through our chosen mailing list associate. Then having also agreed with you the service you want to promote and the type of company that you want to do business with ( eg material, process, sizes etc) we will validate the list of names via on line interrogation categorising them as

  • A – Yes appears to have a strong need,
  • B-unclear but a possible prospect,
  • C-very unlikely.

For some companies this is a sufficient level of lead qualification, the level of data validation being such that the resultant scrubbed list of prospects is of a size that can be handled by internal resources. In some cases however, the list will still contain too many dead ends that will consume too much internal resource.

In these cases therefore we offer a second level of lead qualification.

Level 2 Lead Qualification :

Taking the now scrubbed list of leads usually only those classed as A or B, we then in conjunction with our chosen telemarketing partner undertake an exercise to directly contact the named individuals to finally validate them as a prospect. The resultant prospects being those with a defined and real need for the services that you the client have on offer. Other than a repeat customer, you could not have a better prospect knocking at your door.

Effective lead generation

It does not cost the Earth.

Approximate costs (Excluding VAT) as of January 2016 are as follows:

  • List of Contacts  30p per record, plus £40 administration fee.
  • Level 1 Lead Qualification and  Validation £1.23 per company validated
  • Level 2 Lead Qualification & validation  £3.57 per contact validated, plus £250 administration fee.

The above should be regarded as guidelines for budgeting purposes, each project will be quoted in detail based upon the exact needs of the client.

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