Customer Communications: 3 Crucial Tips.

3 crucial tips for effective customer communications


customer communications planningWe recently published an article focused on how SME businesses can be certain that they are identifying the right markets to target. As we discussed, it can be much more difficult than it first appears to get real and meaningful data to support this critical business decision. Effective customer communications are essential in addressing this issue.


That being said, once this decision has been made, the next task facing businesses can be much more difficult. That task is reaching that specified market and creating a meaningful and actionable communication plan. During the rest of this post, we’ll start to discuss some of the key actions your business can take to communicate with it’s customers.


Integrate your communications

The first pillar of a successful strategy for reaching your target market is integrated customer communications planning. This means understanding what your brand message is and underpinning it with every form of communication that leaves your company. Find new ways to say the same thing, and different mediums through which to communicate, but make sure that they are all linked and in tune with one another. It’s very important that emails, websites, blogs, social media activity, branding, mail drops and yes – even your sales team, are singing from the same hymn sheet. To do this well, it needs to be documented and shared across the company.

Create a content plan and calendar of activity

If you read that last paragraph and thought wow that’s a lot of work…you’d be right! Creating new and interesting content that you can continue to talk about and is interesting to your target market is arguably one of the largest challenges. You should aim to create a “content plan” and a calendar planning which messages you are going to talk about with your customers for at least 6-12 months ahead. This can include industry information, new products, new services and anything related to your business that interests your customers.

Harness the knowledge of your entire team

Based on that, you’re probably thinking of handing over that task of “content creation” to one person in your business or marketing team. Whilst many businesses do that, we would strongly recommend against that. The richest and most interesting content comes from a variety of sources around the business and can lead to greater engagement from your customers. Engineers, sales people, marketing people, R&D – all of these functions will have great engaging things to say, it’s a resource for your business and you would be amiss not to harness it.


Having structure around the above processes is what will ensure you maximise and optimize your content creation and communication planning. For extra support, contact us  directly and keep your eye’s open for more tips that we’ll be posting in the coming weeks.