Business Support for SMEs

Business Support for SMEs

business support for SMEsStarting at 0nly £250 +VAT per month our business support packages are designed to be a cost effective and very flexible service specifically for SMEs who recognise that they have more to do on the Commercial, Sales or Marketing aspects of their business, but neither the time nor expertise to do it.

Our Business Support for SMEs service is based upon a flat monthly fee. You can take as many or as few consultancy days as you wish each month up to an annual limit depending on which package you select. You can of course take more days, and these would be on a 15% discounted day rate basis for a subscriber.

Our definition of an SME is a UK Registered company that is not part of a group,having between 10 & 100 employees, and a turnover under £20 million.

What you get

As a monthly subscriber you will receive a free Lean Marketing Diagnostic, together with a written report outlining opportunities for improvement. You will also receive our free monthly newsletter with tips & comments relevant to the Industry. In addition you can choose to receive support in any or all of the following areas:business support for SMEs

  • One to one mentoring for you or your key managers
  • Overall commercial strategy
  • Sales excellence/process
  • Pricing for success
  • Market understanding
  • Customer insight
  • Communication and promotion
  • Strategic  & Market Planning
  • Sales/Commercial process mapping
  • KPI development
  • Lead-generation & qualification
  • New Business acquisition
  • Commercial contract review
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service training
  • Competitor Analysis

The benefits 

There are clear benefits to becoming a subscriber, the first and foremost is that you have a regular budgeted amount of expenditure that you can plan for, rather than large chunks of expenditure that may come at the “wrong” time. The second is that you don’t have to decide immediately on where or when to spend your consultancy days, if you you want to use them all at once or a couple each month that is fine, if you need to change direction or switch priorities than can be easily accommodated too. [Of course the other benefit is that you have effectively added significant fire-power to your sales & commercial management team too,  me :) ]

Always Up Front & Honest – No hidden extras

You only pay the flat monthly fee, there are no hidden extras in particular we will not charge for mileage. If your office is more than 80 miles of our office (ST17) then we may need to stay over in which case we would charge for Accommodation & meals. In addition if a project involves us managing a third party ( eg Telemarketing team, or Advertising agency) then we would re-charge any costs incurred by us.  All such additional charges will be agreed up front before proceeding.

What if I subscribe and then find it is not for me?

If you subscribe to the service, buy then find that circumstances change and wish to cancel then the number of days consultancy already taken will immediately become due, at our standard SME day rate. Any monthly subscriptions that you have already paid will be fully deducted from the final bill.


If you are interested in subscribing to either our Basic ( 5 days) Regular (10 day) Premium (25 day) or Master-class (50 day) Business Support for SMEs package please contact us using the form below:

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