Customer Communications: 3 Crucial Tips.

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3 crucial tips for effective customer communications   We recently published an article focused on how SME businesses can be certain that they are identifying the right markets to target. As we discussed, it can be much more difficult than it first appears to get real and meaningful data to support this critical business decision. Effective customer communications are essential in addressing this issue.   That being said, once this […]

Negotiation, an aide-memoire

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The lost art of negotiation? Whatever your view on Brexit, if like me you have ever been involved in negotiations, you probably despair at the media & political wittering about outlining the negotiation strategy. If these folks were on the payroll of a UK multinational they would have received a P45 long ago. 8 things to remember when negotiating Many years ago I went on courses relating to negotiation techniques, […]

Addressing the Productivity Gap

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The ONS quoted in the Guardian at the end of last year highlighted the productivity gap between the UK and other western countries such as France, Germany, Italy and the USA. This was one of the key elements cited in the Chancellor’s Autumn statement highlighting what Britain needs to do to strengthen its economy in the coming months and years. Interestingly, as productivity is the rate of output vs. input, […]

3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping

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3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping We are pleased to announce our involvement in a new and exciting JV with our good friends at TCMUK Ltd, focused on providing 3-D scanning, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping services. Utilising modern 3-D printing  techniques as well as conventional manufacturing techniques, we are looking to develop our services to assist companies to source and manufacture out of production parts in low volumes […]

When to Increase your Product Range

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Do I increase my company’s product range? 6 things you need to know. Currently, my business is facing a dilemma. It’s a dilemma that faces many businesses today and at various points in their lifetime. We have a very successful existing product range, the question is do we concentrate our money and time gaining deeper penetration and going after new markets with the existing range or do we look to […]