Free Lean Marketing Diagnostic Tool

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I have decide to make my lean marketing diagnostic tool freely available to anyone with an interest in finding out how well their Sales & Marketing Department shapes up. The first stage in solving any problem, is understanding that you have a problem in the first place. I have used this diagnostic tool a few times now and each time I get feedback along the lines of “I didn’t realise […]

Marketing is important says 2016 Business Census – Free to download

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Marketing is seen as increasingly important by respondents Marketing is an important element of any business’ success, this was just one one of several interesting facts highlighted in recently published report : The Company Check Business Census was a survey comprising 12 questions, which was available for subscribers to and users, like myself of to complete in November and December 2015.   “Marketing is an important element of any business’ success. As digital […]

SME Business Support

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What does this mean for  your SME Business Support? As part of the Spending Review settlement the government decided to wind down the national delivery of the Business Growth Service. On 26th November 2015 the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) issued a formal instruction to providers of the Business Growth Service: Not to enter into any further contractual commitments with customers after 23:59 Monday 30 November; That all contractual […]

Lead Qualification, improves results and reduces waste.

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Lead Qualification & Validation, improves results and reduces waste. I believe that effective lead qualification is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the entire selling process. All new business starts with a lead. So it surprises me that so many companies have no process to obtain, new or qualify existing leads. In so many cases companies sit and wait for someone to knock on the door, and when someone […]

Top 5 Tips for setting up a Telemarketing Campaign

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Top 5 Tips for setting up a Telemarketing Campaign Telemarketing is an essential part of many sales processes, it is a specialism and not something that many people feel comfortable doing themselves. Just like any process effective management of the campaign is essential. If the process is optimised, it will be efficient, effective and create value for your customers and your business. If not, it will destroy value. More often than […]