Lean MarketingAerostrat specialises in combining  industry knowledge with marketing theory. We bring manufacturing  together with up to date marketing and sales techniques. We generate effective and efficient lean marketing plans to help you fuel sales growth on a budget. Using industry knowledge with marketing theory is essential in forming a usable, realistic and growth orientated plan which gains buy-in from the wider organisation.

As a manufacturer you know about manufacturing efficiencies and the importance of being focused and driven to achieve the results you need in production, quality and delivery. Take these principles and apply them to your business growth and marketing and communication plan and watch your business grow. Don’t ask yourself whether or not you can afford to do it, ask yourself whether you can afford not to! In a competitive and aggressive market like the one we face today, the answer will almost certainly be no.


Working with a company with experience in both marketing and UK manufacturing will help you integrate marketing in to your plan and your day to day operations seamlessly with effective tools. Get in touch at rgs@aerostrat.co.uk or use the contact form below


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